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40th Aerosol and Particle Measurement Short Course
August 24-26, 2015
University of Minnesota
This course will provide basic aerosol measurement and sampling skills for new individuals entering the particle/aerosol field. It is also a good refresher course providing updated info for worker already in the field. For complete course info and to register visit the course website:

2015 NNIN REU Program
National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network
Research Experience for Undergraduates
Now accepting applications

ASME 2015 4th Global Conference on Nanoengineering for Medicine and Biology
April 19-22, 2015
Minneapolis, MN
For more information, please visit the ASME Conference website.

Inside the University of Minnesota's Minnesota Nano Center: Take a look inside the University of Minnesota's Minnesota Nano Center, a state of the art facility dedicated to the design, fabrication and testing of small-scale devices. Video produced by the Office of Business Relations, with assistance from the College of Science & Engineering.